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Air Shower

We are specialized in manufacturing, trading and supplying Air Shower. For this, special air jets are integrated with it which produces the air blow. This air blow removes the dust and lint from the clothes of the person who comes under its operational area. It also facilitates to set the frequency of air shower with its timer. Therefore, it is installed in hotels, offices and various other high profile residences.

Air Shower Nozzle

Our company has set benchmark in offering Air Shower Nozzle. The air shower nozzle is a perfect accomplice for air shower room and clean room. The air shower Nozzle admits the unique side viewing uneven direction nozzle, can easily make sure the spray direction, maintenance the ideal air current organization in shower room; exports blowing, efficiently blow off the dust on the surface and energy saving, usually adopts the stainless steel, electrolysis board, engineering plastics as raw material, if applied to other special field, can adopt other materials.


  1. Available material: 304 stainless steel
  2. Spraying wind speed: 20m/s, efficiently blow off dust
  3. Wind deflexion degree: straight discharge or 45 degree
  4. Unit Weight: 0.3kg (SS)


  1. Required in Power Plants


  • Brand : Glowmax Engineers
  • Size : 20, 25, 30, 38, 40, 70, 75mm
  • Color : Silver

  • Material : SS201.Ss303
  • Coating : Water or Oil

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Cleanroom Air Shower


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